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The Importance of mental health awareness

Mental health problems can affect anyone. It does not matter what age you are or what your background is, and it can also change you. Mental health affects how a person reasons, performs and interacts with other people and to situations.

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common forms of health issues in the world today. Individuals suffering from enduring illnesses are more likely to develop mental illness. On the other hand, people who have mental illness can also produce chronic diseases as well. Mental health is critical when giving thought to your total health and welfare.

There is a social stigma concerning mental health and those with mental illness often experience exclusion from their communities. Sometimes people find it harder to deal with the stigma of the disease than with the disease itself. Many keep their illness to themselves for fear of judgement and disgrace by society.

Mental health affects a considerable percentage of the people on earth. It is critical raising awareness of health issues in societies. People that suffer from mental health problems face great torment, and their families also suffer alongside with them. Many people need help. Greater awareness of mental health will break down social stigmas and the barriers to support them.

Unfortunately, many people who have symptoms of mental illness fail to recognise it by themselves. It is difficult to acknowledge that we need help, no one wants to have other people think that they are crazy. The attitudes and behaviour of societies can create fear of disclosure. Many believe these people make up stories and they are just lazy. Some would even dare to say that they are possessed by demons, out of control, violent and unsafe. These great misconceptions of people often lead to depression.  Depression is one of the most destructive emotional states that cause much suffering. Raising awareness of mental health can decrease misunderstandings.

It is so important to be informed about mental health. We can all be affected by this illness. This problem can touch people very near to us. Community awareness will reduce the humiliation of those that have a mental illness. Mental health awareness increases the chances for early involvement, which can result in earlier recovery.

By raising awareness of mental health, we understand that to suffer from it is to be sick. Everyone that is sick needs help and giving treatment can help people to cope in the corporate world. Some mentally ill people also need to work and to be interactive in our communities. If they are using treatment, they can cope with everyday problems. We need to give our support in these cases, not our judgement. Productive activities develop the senses. It is good for our mental health to be active people, the same counts for those who are mentally ill.

Helping people to adapt and change and to cope with stress shows our support. Do not be afraid to talk about it. Spreading awareness about mental health is essential.

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