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Office Supplies
Enjoy Professional Services Of Office Supplies Stores
Enjoy Professional Services of Office Supplies Stores

Do you know that there are amazing alternatives that you can take so as you can ensure that your office is supplied with the most important items that you need? You should not think of moving from one mall to…

How To Find Assistance With Disability Housing Services
How To Find Assistance With Disability Housing Services

For people who are living with a debilitating or continuing disability, there are ongoing struggles that have to be managed on a consistent basis. This hampers every aspect of their lives as they require help from carers, friends and family…

Where Can I Find Affordable Hair Colour Salons Near Me?
Where Can I Find Affordable Hair Colour Salons Near Me?

Gone of the days where a simple trim a few times a year was all that was needed in order to keep up to date with fashions and to upkeep a neat appearance. Slowly but surely, more and more expensive…

How A Castle Hill Physiotherapist Can Help Get You Back On Your Feet
How a Castle Hill Physiotherapist Can Help Get You Back on Your Feet

There are many people out there who feel like their bodies are slowing them down. They may have some sort of chronic condition and are unable to walk and move without stiffness or pain. This will leave them feeling dejected…

Office Supplies Disable13 Hair Color Physiotherapy
Enjoy Professional Services of Office Supplies Stores

Enjoy Professional Services of Office Supplies Stores

Do you know that there are amazing alternatives that you can take so as you…

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How To Find Assistance With Disability Housing Services

How To Find Assistance With Disability Housing Services

For people who are living with a debilitating or continuing disability, there are ongoing struggles…

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Where Can I Find Affordable Hair Colour Salons Near Me?

Where Can I Find Affordable Hair Colour Salons Near Me?

Gone of the days where a simple trim a few times a year was all…

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Health Blog

Enjoy Professional Services of Office Supplies Stores

Enjoy Professional Services of Office Supplies Stores

Do you know that there are amazing alternatives that you can take so as you can ensure that your office is supplied with the most important items that you need? You should not think of moving from one mall to the other looking for the stationary then to another one looking for a particular office machine. This is one of the archaic means of running an office. If you hold on with these techniques, there will come a time when you will not be able to get the supplies ready at your premises. You will experience a lot of inefficiency that will in the long run lead to poor performance of your business.

To avoid that, you should always think of engaging the experienced suppliers who will assure you of the regular supplies that will help you run business in the most professional way. This will eventually make your firm to register amazing profits that you could not have realized if you solely depended your own sourcing of the office equipment. It is therefore better to deal with professionals who are well informed on the regulations that are governing the kind of business that you are engaged in. here are some of the benefits that you can gain if you source your supplies from the office supplies stores when open;

Law compliant

Most businesses are protected by the law. Both the consumer and the producer are all protected by the law. This therefore means if you source your office equipment from a registered firm, you can always follow the law and get compensated if you realize later on that the products are faulty. However, if you had sourced them from a place that you cannot trace, you can rest assured that you will never get such compensation. Your firm will therefore lose a lot of money that you may not be able to recover. For this reason, all that you should do is to do business with the registered office supplies stores. These will be able to take any risk that will result from the transactions that you are carrying out with them. Through the available regulations, your businesses will be well protected from such eventualities.

Readily available

A good supplier will be able to be available at any time that you need to be supplied of the important items that you need. Sometimes you may run out of some stock and you immediately need to be supplied with some. At this juncture, you need to reach out to your supplier and be guaranteed of the best quality and instant supply of whatever commodity that you could be interested in. the office supplies stores can guarantee you of the best quality services. Since they can be contacted from online platform, this means that they are readily available and always at your service. You need to contact these professionals for awesome solution that will be able to serve you for as long as you may wish to be in business.

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How To Find Assistance With Disability Housing Services

How To Find Assistance With Disability Housing Services

For people who are living with a debilitating or continuing disability, there are ongoing struggles that have to be managed on a consistent basis.

This hampers every aspect of their lives as they require help from carers, friends and family members to conduct the most basic of tasks.

When it comes to finding disability housing services, individuals in these circumstances can be left at a crossroads, unable to decipher where the assistance can be sought and how they should approach various bodies and departments.

Fortunately there are support networks in place to give the disabled community enough options to cater to their needs.

Through government policies enacted by the Australian Government to state support and the involvement of private enterprises, accessing accommodation in 2018 should be a process that is efficient and effective for participants seeking this help.

Here we will discuss these services open to the disabled community with some strategies to sourcing the right pathways to finding a home.



Speak with Government Departments

Following the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), disability housing services are on offer through various government bodies that have partnerships with providers. These outlets from state bodies in NSW, QLD, Victoria and elsewhere have the capacity to examine the profile of the disability and make assessments for drop-in support networks, independent housing options, modification funding and access to large residential centres.


Conduct Extensive Online Search

Any organisation that has been mentioned or recommended for disability housing services should see the patient or their carer conduct an online search about their rating and reception from the community. Further research should be undertaken to see where nearby access points can be found and whether or not they provide a significant logistical challenge for all parties.


Speak with Local Disability Support Groups

Those groups who have the experience dealing with disability housing services will often be the disability support networks based locally. There will be managers and staff on hand who have seen patients transition from one premises to another and can pass on that experience and case study to the current day setup. Other families will be able to openly discuss their own transition, outlining what procedures were successful and what stumbling blocks emerged.


Engage Personal Contacts and References

Those who are in the market to source disability housing services will likely be involved in groups and associations that have seen people in identical circumstances. By opening up a dialogue with these individuals, they could be in a position to pass on references to give their friends or colleagues an option they would not have previously considered.


Additional Requirements

It is one thing to consider the disability housing services that must be accessed for an individual that meets those requirements, yet it is another thing altogether to dig deeper and examine what features and services specifically need to be engaged. This will include the necessary day-to-day support for the participant and their carer or equipment, to the payment methods that extend beyond the NDIS or additional incentives, the profile of people to live with or specialist features that form part of the agreement.


Final Thoughts

When we think about what disability housing services should be providing, it is often a static solution to have the individual in a sanitized and controlled environment that is geared towards safety and assurance. However, there is a quality of life concern that is at play and the greater the limitation, the higher the possibility that mental anguish and stress will become apart of the equation.


This is where it is vital for government bodies, government initiatives and private organisations to offer the disabled different pathways to housing. From renting with close friends and family to having shared equity or even a move towards complete home ownership, the disabled element should not be an impairment to complete and comprehensive independence.


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Where Can I Find Affordable Hair Colour Salons Near Me?

Where Can I Find Affordable Hair Colour Salons Near Me?

Gone of the days where a simple trim a few times a year was all that was needed in order to keep up to date with fashions and to upkeep a neat appearance. Slowly but surely, more and more expensive trends have come into play. These types of things include dying, perming, permanent straightening, highlights, balayage, extensions, wigs, treatments, and much more. For most people out there, they would like to stay up-to-date with such trends, however, they find that they are simply just too expensive to justify. For example, it is fashionable to use organic dyes and additional products that are organic and cruelty-free. While this may seem like a good thing, the costs involved are astronomical. Because of this, many people find themselves asking “where can I find affordable hair colour salons near me?” For those who find themselves asking “where can I find affordable hair colour salons near me”, they are able to easily locate different places using some simple steps. Such steps can include asking friends and family, performing a Google search, popping into businesses and asking about the costs involved, as well as visiting different company websites. Here is a closer look at these steps for those asking, “where can I find affordable hair colour salons near me?”



Find somewhere a little out of the way

When individuals find themselves wondering “where can I find affordable hair colour salons near me”, it is often best to find somewhere that is a little out of the way. For instance, the most popular places that are in the centre of town are more likely to be more expensive. Travelling even just ten minutes into the suburbs can make a huge difference when it comes to the price without sacrificing the quality of the service. There are many professional places out there that may not have the hype of the most popular businesses, however, do have a steady clientele because they still offer all of the latest trends and for a great price. For those who are looking for really low prices, they may like to travel even further in order to find somewhere affordable for them. There are also schools that can be visited where students will perform the treatments for a great price. When asking “where can I find affordable hair colour salons near me”, one of the best ways to finding student places or businesses that are in further out suburbs is by performing a simple Google search.



Visit different websites to find out prices

Unfortunately, it is very common to be quoted a price when it comes to beauty services, only to have the shop request more money at the end. A great way to avoid this scenario is by checking the prices that a business will sometimes feature on their website. Once website prices are found, it can be a good idea to email that business to double check these costs. This can be a simple but crucial step for those who are asking “where can I find affordable hair colour salons near me”. This is because when it is time to pay, they will have proof of the quoted price not only on their website but also in email form. At the end of the day, when asking “where can I find affordable hair colour salons near me”, all that is required is a little research. This research could be performed in the form of asking around, visiting in-store, searching the web, as well as ringing around. Taking the time to do this will mean that everyone is on the same page when it comes to costs and nobody will be ripped off or surprised at the end of a treatment.





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The Ultimate Superfood Powders to Boost Your Health

The Ultimate Superfood Powders to Boost Your Health

Ever heard of the word ‘Spirulina’? Well, perhaps you have after 2010 at least.

2010 was the year that introduced a whole new health and fitness scene, and what’s more is, it placed a lot of emphasis on why we should aim to be healthier, do more and heal ourselves with food. The same goes for daily rituals, that come along with it, such as drinking more water, having heaps of antioxidants and of course, vegetables!

Adding a superfood powder to your smoothies or breakfast bowls, however, will have a significant effect on your energy levels, will lift your libido, torch fat, protect your body against ageing, as well as many other effects life throws your way.

Another great thing about superfood powders is its ability to heal your skin, as well as make your appearance look healthier overall. Since it’s also considered a staple for both vegans and vegetarians, veganism and vegetarianism now have a wider variety of foods in their diets, primarily to support their nutrient-intake and prevent them from being mal-nourished when it comes to certain vitamins, minerals and fibre.

The Most Powerful Superfood Powders

#1 Maca Powder

Maca is popularly known as Peruvian ginseng and is a powdered root that includes a lot of benefits for the body. All of which includes higher levels of energy, as well as boosting vitamin B levels in your blood, along with essential minerals such as iodine and copper. Maca is derived from a powerful root and due to its high levels of vitamin B, also boosts libido, in both men and women, naturally.

This powerful powder is often added to smoothies for added nutrients.

#2 Moringa Powder

Moringa is an incredible superfood powder, which is green in colour and contains up to 17 times more calcium than milk, as well as 25 times more iron than spinach.

That’s one amazing superfood powder!

This powerful plant of Moringa is also known to absorb cholesterol in your blood, as well as fight heart disease, which means you’ll be having about two more scoops of all that goodness.

Moringa also contains protein, as it has nine essential amino acids, and is also perfect for a post-workout recovery smoothie, as it can help ease muscle fatigue.

#3 Spirulina

It seems that all the superfood powders tend to be green.

Spirulina is made up of a total of 60% protein, and has the nine essential amino acids, making it another ideal food to add to your diet for muscle recovery.

Spirulina is an excellent source of protein for both vegans and vegetarians, as it fuels their protein needs and can easily replace animal protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids.


Let’s get colourful.

As a superfood powder that’s a bit more diverse, spirulina adds great variety to anyone’s diet, and are the perfect breakfast, snacking or dessert option for vegans and vegetarians too. Not only does it contain some of the highest antioxidants than any other superfood powder, but it’s also much higher in omega-3’s and allows for healthy cholesterol levels, a healthier hear, a better hormonal balance, perfect skin, as well as weight loss.

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The Importance of mental health awareness

The Importance of mental health awareness

Mental health problems can affect anyone. It does not matter what age you are or what your background is, and it can also change you. Mental health affects how a person reasons, performs and interacts with other people and to situations.

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common forms of health issues in the world today. Individuals suffering from enduring illnesses are more likely to develop mental illness. On the other hand, people who have mental illness can also produce chronic diseases as well. Mental health is critical when giving thought to your total health and welfare.

There is a social stigma concerning mental health and those with mental illness often experience exclusion from their communities. Sometimes people find it harder to deal with the stigma of the disease than with the disease itself. Many keep their illness to themselves for fear of judgement and disgrace by society.

Mental health affects a considerable percentage of the people on earth. It is critical raising awareness of health issues in societies. People that suffer from mental health problems face great torment, and their families also suffer alongside with them. Many people need help. Greater awareness of mental health will break down social stigmas and the barriers to support them.

Unfortunately, many people who have symptoms of mental illness fail to recognise it by themselves. It is difficult to acknowledge that we need help, no one wants to have other people think that they are crazy. The attitudes and behaviour of societies can create fear of disclosure. Many believe these people make up stories and they are just lazy. Some would even dare to say that they are possessed by demons, out of control, violent and unsafe. These great misconceptions of people often lead to depression.  Depression is one of the most destructive emotional states that cause much suffering. Raising awareness of mental health can decrease misunderstandings.

It is so important to be informed about mental health. We can all be affected by this illness. This problem can touch people very near to us. Community awareness will reduce the humiliation of those that have a mental illness. Mental health awareness increases the chances for early involvement, which can result in earlier recovery.

By raising awareness of mental health, we understand that to suffer from it is to be sick. Everyone that is sick needs help and giving treatment can help people to cope in the corporate world. Some mentally ill people also need to work and to be interactive in our communities. If they are using treatment, they can cope with everyday problems. We need to give our support in these cases, not our judgement. Productive activities develop the senses. It is good for our mental health to be active people, the same counts for those who are mentally ill.

Helping people to adapt and change and to cope with stress shows our support. Do not be afraid to talk about it. Spreading awareness about mental health is essential.

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The Health Risks of Obesity

The Health Risks of Obesity

Having obesity can severely affect one’s risk of having health problems, and even getting certain illnesses. There’s nothing wrong with having more weight on one’s body, but when it comes to being overweight, and especially being obese, it creates a lot of risks for your health, which needs to be prevented at all costs.

There are thus many social and emotional problems that are related to being overweight or obese, and these include extremely dangerous conditions.

The Dangers of Obesity

The problem with having too much excess fat on your body, especially visceral fat, is that it causes health risks, which eventually leads to illnesses, conditions where one has abnormal cell growth, has too much inflammation in the body, among many other symptoms internally.

These health risks include everything from diabetes to having high blood pressure, getting strokes, having heart disease and many more. If not treated adequately, or in time for that matter, it could cause one to become very ill, and even be fatal in severe conditions.

Type 2 Diabetes

Often overlooked as a disease that isn’t dangerous, type 2 diabetes can become extremely dangerous, if not appropriately treated.

The condition occurs when one’s blood glucose levels are too high. According to statistics, eight out of ten people in the U.S. have type 2 diabetes, due to being overweight or having obesity. Although individuals might be born with it in some cases, most cases are due to living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Type 2 diabetes, if not treated, can cause an imbalance in glucose levels, heart disease, kidney disease, strokes, eye problems, as well as nerve damage.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of heart attacks, cardiac deaths, angina, arrhythmias and heart failure.

When you carry more weight than what is fit for your body, your heart must work harder to pump blood throughout your body, which puts unnecessary strain on your heart.

Heart disease is one of the biggest causes of deaths in people who are either overweight or have obesity.


Having high levels of blood pressure causes your blood vessels to receive blood at a force, rather than naturally, which can stain your heart, damage your blood vessels, as well as put you at risk of getting a heart attack, kidney disease or stroke.

Sleep Apnoea

This condition is like a warning against obesity. If you have obesity, you are more likely to have sleep apnoea, which is a condition that causes you to breathe irregularly and can even cause your heart to stop while you sleep. It can cause damage to your heart, as well as put you at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome results in high blood pressure, high glucose levels, having low levels of HDL cholesterol, as well as having visceral fat. It is thus a group of conditions which can cause stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

More Conditions

Having obesity, or even being slightly overweight doesn’t allow you to live life at your fullest and may cause other less common conditions, such as osteoarthritis, gallbladder diseases, fatty liver diseases, cancers, kidney disease and pregnancy problems. Being obese, or overweight, throughout pregnancy, might also cause one’s child to be born with the health conditions listed above.

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Beginner Dance Classes in Sydney

Beginner Dance Classes in Sydney

Making the decision to take up dance classes can be one of the best things done for yourself. Potential benefits include better co-ordination, the satisfaction of learning a new skill and the chance to make new, like-minded friends.

Others seek to begin as a fun way to lose weight, boost mood and confidence and to get fit. Some wish to try something new with a friend or family member. Whatever the reasons why, private dance lessons or beginner dance classes in Sydney can be an extremely rewarding and an exciting experience.

This article will look a little further into dance studios in Sydney, what to expect and some quick tips on how to find the best class possible.


What to expect: Beginner dance classes in Sydney vary a little based on a few factors. Options must be chosen based on an individual’s preferences. For example, private lessons may be required or group classes may be more preferred.

Some schools may offer a variety of styles whereas others may only offer one, such as ballet. Similarly, some studios may be solely dedicated to say pole dancing, whereas others are purely targeted at mums and bubs.

Expectations will need to revolve around the type of studio chosen that suits the individual. Once the school is chosen, it can be expected to trial a class. This is the best way for an individual to decide if a class is for them and if they feel suited with their fellow classmates and teacher.

If a school is liked and chosen the next step is to decide is drop-in classes are more suited, or a term. Drop in classes are more suited for the individual that has a busy schedule who may not be able to dedicate time to classes at the same time each week.

Alternatively, a term may be more suited for someone who does want to attend a weekly class for say a 10-week block, as they really wish to dedicate themselves to the skill.

Drop in classes are also a great option for those who wish to pay as they go, whereas terms are usually paid up front. Once this is decided payments are usually made and the classes can begin.


What to bring: While classes do vary based on style, all classes have some things in common. It is important to wear appropriate clothing and shoes to a class. Again, ballet and hip-hop may have different shoe styles, but the type of clothing or uniform needed can be checked upon signing up.

It is also extremely important to bring water. A beginner may not be used to the type of exercise that is involved and may become quite tired and thirsty in the first few lessons, bringing a large water bottle is a necessity when starting beginner dance classes in Sydney. Bringing a personal towel and foam roller is also a great idea.

It is never pleasant having to use a towel that has been used by others, so bringing a towel from home is the perfect way to get around that. Bringing a foam roller is a great tool for warming up and warming down at the end of the session.

This will help the body recover more quickly when it is learning a new skill and will hopefully reduce pain the next day. Aside from bringing appropriate attire, a water bottle, a towel from home and a foam roller, the only thing left to bring is some enthusiasm and a big smile.

In conclusion, there are so many different benefits from starting a new hobby. Dance classes are the perfect way to meet friends, teach the body new limits, increase fitness, enjoy more co-ordination and flexibility and to increase mood.

When searching for the perfect studio it is important to do a little research in order to know what to expect. Usually dance schools operate a little differently based on lesson style, delivery and frequency but most of them will offer a trial class.

Payments are then usually taken and dance classes are then enjoyed. When starting out it is also important to establish what to bring to lessons. This can be established upon sign up and schools usually ask to wear a certain attire or uniform, to bring a water bottle as well as to bring a towel from home and a foam roller for cool downs.

It is also important to know that a beginner does not stay a beginner forever. All it takes is a little time and dedication to see quick results and to feel advancements in your confidence, body and skills.

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Why you may need occupational therapy for your children

Why you may need occupational therapy for your children

There are several reasons why you may need occupational therapy (NDIS) for your children. Kids can experience difficulty in completing everyday tasks for a number of reasons.

These can range from a wide variety of physical disabilities, psychological or mental illnesses, emotional instability, to issues caused from delay in development, or intellectual disabilities.

What is occupational therapy for children? The aim of this school of health science is essentially to enable kids to be able to participate in regular activities in day-to-day life. This is achieved through the use of activities to aid the recovery process of physical or mental illnesses.

Some of the issues which occupational therapy for children can help with include:

  • Daily self-care. This can include teeth brushing, getting dressed, and eating food.
  • Assistance with hand-eye coordination. This can include writing down notes in a workbook or drawing.
  • Fine motor skills. These include using classroom stationery such as a pencil or scissors.
  • Gross motor skills. These include exercise to improve core and ultimate improve posture.
  • Planning or organization skills. These can include helping a kid organize his folder or plan a trip to his next classroom.

Here are several reasons why you may need occupational therapy for your children.

Behavioural disorder

Does your kid have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder or other related behavioural disorders? In this case, occupational therapy for your children is often an effective way to improve their situation.

Often kids may have difficulty maintaining orderly behaviour. This may manifest in kids lashing out or hitting other kids if they are angry, for example.

One way in which occupational therapy for your children may help in this scenario is by teaching your kid positive behaviours such as writing about angry feelings in a notebook or redirecting the feelings towards physical activities.

Sensory processing disorder

Is your kid highly sensitive to loud noises and bright lights, or specific tastes and smells? Does your kid over react to the sensation of touch? Occupational therapy for your children may be the answer.

This is because your kid may have sensory processing disorder, a disorder characterized by difficulty in interacting with sensory information resulting in dysfunctional behavioural responses.

This disorder may cause issues as kids will avoid specific situations, experiences, places, and even food. The presence of this disorder often coincides with other psychological disorders, including but not limited to ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Occupational therapy for these children is one of the most effective ways of treating sensory processing disorder. During the process, trained professionals will expose your kid to what is known as a ‘sensory gym’, an environment equipped rich with sensory stimuli that is designed to slowly nurture your kid to exhibit appropriate behavioural responses.

Occupational therapy for children ensures that these stimuli are presented in a safe, fun ways to enable your kid to respond to sensations appropriately. The aim is for these responses to carry over to home and school situations with practise.

Evaluating the need for specialized equipment

Occupational therapy for your children may be important to determine if your kid needs the assistance of special equipment in order to function normally.

In certain situations, these health professionals will provide an assessment of a kid’s performance skills in specific activities and provide a subsequent recommendation of the type of equipment they may need.

Help for your children may manifest in the provision of wheelchairs, communication aids, bathing equipment and more. In these scenarios, this may be the first step in providing for a normal life for them.

The importance of occupational therapy for children

Often physical or mental disabilities can disrupt the normal functioning and development of a kid, resulting in a life of difficulty not only for the kid in subject but their family.

Hence, it is important that proper treatment and occupational therapy is provided for these children, as this will enable them to build confidence, self-esteem and the proper abilities to live a happy life.

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The Vitamin C lowdown: sources and benefits

The Vitamin C lowdown: sources and benefits

For one reason or another, Vitamin C seems to be a vitamin that receives much attention despite the body’s equal need for many other vitamins such A, B, D and K. There is much debate about how much you need and how regularly you need it and I will aim to inform you as best as possible.

Vitamin C is often a topic of discussion around winter when common colds become more regular and people reach for its known properties to help reduce the symptoms and rid it from our systems. However, it is important that we understand the benefits, dosage and sources of vitamin C before we reach for a big jar of vitamin C powder or tablets to shove down our throats.

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C is necessary for a number of bodily functions and whilst many animals are able to produce it internally, humans are not and thus we must seek it out from food sources. It is present in a number of foods, namely bright coloured vegetables and fruits such as capsicums and citrus fruits.

Also severe vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) is rare nowadays, there are still many cases of minor deficiencies. Vitamin C is an antioxidant among other things and helps to boost our immune systems, protect the lining of our blood vessels and reduces the effects of ageing.

What are the benefits?

  • It boosts the immune system

A strong immune system is important to help reduce the likelihood of illness and maintain your overall health. A strong immune system thanks to regular vitamin C intake will ensure illness doesn’t get in the way of your busy life.

  • Prevents damage from oxidants

As vitamin C is a strong antioxidant is significantly reduces any damage from oxidants and free radicals helping to promote a healthier and longer life. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation within the body and is a strong helper in the fight against damage to the lungs as a result of smoking.

  • Collagen production and skin

Applying vitamin C-rich moisturises is great for the skin and regular intake will also have benefits for your skin as it helps to improve connective tissue within the body meaning benefits for your skin and bones.

Where can I find it?

For vitamin C-rich foods look to raw vegetables and fruits, specifically those with bright colours like capsicums and citrus fruits. These will contain high levels of vitamin C and are easy to incorporate into a balanced diet.

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The importance of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The importance of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is the new nation-wide program that helps Australians with a disability or medical illness to receive support. The scheme aims to give people and their families/carers the choice and freedom to choose what support and services they want to engage in.

Central to the vision of this scheme is that all Australians are able to become more self-sufficient, achieve their personal and health goals, and collaborate with their community in a manner of their choosing. This scheme aims to empower and sustain people with disabilities to live meaningful and productive lives.

Psychology is an allied health therapy that ventures to better understand the human mind and behaviour. Psychologists help people with various medical and mental health conditions to improve their ability to cope with their personal, health and social difficulties or issues.

Psychologists work with people and their families/carers of all ages living with a variety of medical conditions and disabilities.

NDIS psychology can help participants with emotional or behavioural difficulties, mental health issues (e.g. depression or anxiety), and people dealing with stress, trauma or grief.

Central to the psychologist-client interaction is the nurturing of an empathetic and supportive relationship, to help people and their families to better manage and cope with life’s challenges.

NDIS psychology can provide support to people in the areas of:

  • Helping in situations of grief, loss or trauma
  • Emotional difficulties (e.g. depression or anxiety, and other negative feelings)
  • Behavioural difficulties or challenges
  • Assisting with transition to school or work
  • Developing social skills
  • Enhancing coping skills
  • Improving relationships with peers and family members
  • Exposure therapy
  • Fears and phobias

This scheme is based on the premise that all Australians have the capacity to fulfil their goals in life and have the chance to be as independent as possible. This engagement often involves not just the individual, but their family, friends and carers.

A person’s teachers and work colleagues may also be involved in interventions. The most relevant and supportive people in an individual’s life can be helped to learn to better deal with the person’s medical condition and difficulties, to be able to more appropriately assist them in times of distress or acute illness.

It is common for psychologists to work with children’s parents or carers, liaise with other medical and health professionals, and consult with a person’s key educational or employment supports.

To qualify for funding and receive NDIS psychology, an individual must be assessed to have a significant or permanent medical condition or disability, and be under 65 years old.

An individual must also have funding in the ‘capacity building support’ category to avail of NDIS psychology sessions. Once funding is available in a participant’s plan, the person and their family/carers can choose which NDIS psychology provider they want to work with.

With the growing number of NDIS service providers, it may be overwhelming looking for a provider. Participants may also choose to engage with a Plan Manager to help them find an appropriate NDIS psychology provider.

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Are fats actually good for you?

Are fats actually good for you?

Over the past few decades, fats have gotten a bad rap. They were blamed for the obesity crisis that was occurring as well as the ever-rising deaths caused by heart disease. And so, the low-fat and low-calorie fad began, and the government started recommending skim milk and low-fat cheeses and yoghurts. Research has since found that sugars are actually a primary factor in obesity and heart disease and that most foods these days are filled with unnecessarily added sugar. While this research has come to the surface, many people out there still believe that fats are bad for them and will avoid them at all costs. This actually isn’t the case.

There are healthy options that are actually beneficial to the body and will help with certain functions such as dissolving some vitamins. While there are still some unhealthy options that shouldn’t be consumed (or at least consumed in moderation) there are variations that are fantastic for our health. Such variations are Monounsaturated options (commonly found in some oils), Polyunsaturated options (commonly found in plant-based foods), and Omega-3 options (commonly found in fish oil).

As there are so many benefits to incorporating these variations into a daily diet such as balancing blood control, improving cholesterol, and decreasing coronary heart disease, this post will explore this topic a little further.

What are some examples of healthy options?

Some examples of monounsaturated options are olive oil, avocados, peanut butter, and other types of types. Oils that contain monounsaturated fats are usually ones that will turn solid when chilled. Including these types of food into a daily diet can help with reducing bad cholesterol and give the body extra nutrients. Some examples of the polyunsaturated options are walnuts, flax oil, salmon, and sunflower seeds.

Once again, incorporating these foods can help reduce the bad kinds of cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Omega 3s are commonly found in fish which is why wild krill oil supplements have gained so much popularity over the years. Incorporating Omega 3s is known to help with irregular heartbeats and even reduce the risk or coronary heart disease.

In conclusion, while everything should be eaten in moderation, it is important to not avoid fats like the plague. New research and evidence is getting discovered all the time, so it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to nutrition, and also to choose options that make you feel good.


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The many benefits and uses of coconut oil

The many benefits and uses of coconut oil

There are many trends that come and go these days, but one that looks like it is going to stay is the use of coconut oil. While some believe that it is not ideal to use for cooking, many believe that it is a healthy alternative to cooking with canola or other unhealthy vegetable options which are now known to be carcinogenic.

But what many health enthusiasts may not know is that coconut oil has many other therapeutic purposes aside from using to it to cook with. What is even more amazing than its versatility is that it is relatively well priced and easily accessible for the day to day person. So, without further ado, here are some further uses for coconut oil.

Oil-pulling – many people around the world use coconut oil by swishing it around inside of their mouths for 20 minutes a day. The idea behind this is that it gently detoxes the body and removes unnecessary bacteria from the mouth.

Hair treatment – Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on hair treatments that are filled with parabens and other nasties, coconut oil can be used instead to treat split ends and even reduce the severity of dandruff. Many like to coat their hair and leave it in overnight at least once a week and find that their hair smells amazing afterward as well.

Shaving cream – Once again, instead of buying yet another beauty product filled with nasties, coconut oil can be used to replace shaving cream. Furthermore, it nourishes and hydrates the skin when applying and users can feel safe knowing that it is free from chemicals. Many people like to keep a separate jar in their bathrooms purely for beauty purposes.

Add it to a morning smoothie – Many believe that this healing product is great for balancing hormones, reducing inflammation in the body, and acting as an anti-viral. Because of this, many will simply pop a teaspoon into their morning smoothie or coffee. This is such a simple way to add good fats into a diet and to ensure that the body is getting what it needs first thing in the morning.

In addition to the aforementioned uses, there are plenty of other ways to include this amazing superfood into daily life such as using to make homemade toothpaste or deodorant. With so many different benefits, there is no reason why to not give coconut oil a try.


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The benefits of smiling

The benefits of smiling

While many would agree that getting greeted with a smile can induce a warm fuzzy feeling, some don’t know that the act of smiling is actually known to improve mood. The great news is that it doesn’t even have to be genuine.

Studies have shown that just sitting and smiling for a few minutes a day can increase productivity, lower stress levels, improve mood, lower heart-rate, boost the immune system, and even reduce pain. When smiling at another person it can help elicit trust, increase attractiveness to the other person, and can make the other person smile too.

Best of all, this is a health practice that is free! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive supplements and beauty serums, one could aim to put aside five minutes in the morning to simply sit and smile. Or, reminders could be set to go off throughout the day, reminding you to SMILE!

People have claimed that this method has improved their workday, improved their relationships, and improved their well-being overall. With more and more research focusing on the amazing health benefits of smiling, why not give it a go?

It may help you live longer

One study in America looked at an old photo of baseball players and took notice of their smiles. It was found that the ones who had the biggest grins had lived about 7 years longer than the ones that had no smile at all. Those will a half grin lived 2 years longer on average than the non-smilers. So, it is very possible that forcing a grin or two throughout the day may be able to help you live longer. It is now known that moving the muscles in the face in a way that even resembles a smile will release endorphins (which are feel good hormones) and can even increase blood flow.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter who you come across anywhere in the world, everybody will respond to a big grin. It will help you come across as more approachable and it is likely that you will make more friends because of it.

Some great ways to practice are by smiling in the mirror, leaving sticky notes around your home as a reminder, or by having your favourite picture in your wallet. As life can sometimes can hard and short, why not make the most of it by smiling as regularly as possible? Are you smiling yet?

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How positive affirmations can help improve your health

How positive affirmations can help improve your health

Most people will go to extraordinary lengths to take care of themselves in order to lose weight or look good. They will participate in hardcore exercises such as CrossFit and will try restrictive diets such as cleanses.

While these methods can prove successful for some, it can also leave people feeling miserable and depleted. Conversely, when people take a more holistic approach to their wellness, they can find themselves living long, healthy, and happy lives.

One of the key differences here is that people will have different reasons why for wanting to take care of themselves.

For example, somebody who enjoys rigorous exercise because it makes them feel good vs. somebody who participates in rigorous exercise because they dislike their body are going to have two very different results.

It is more likely that the person who genuinely enjoys such exercise will wake up in the morning feeling excited for the task ahead, they will enjoy watching their progress, and will likely take pride in what they are doing. The other person will likely wake up with dread, begrudgingly participate in the task, and still complain that they aren’t seeing the results that they want. As it can be seen the two people have different whys for what they are doing and so will have two very different experiences.

When people take care of their wellness from a place of joy, it is more likely that they will enjoy the whole process and will coincidentally feel healthier because of it. A great way to change one’s mindset about self-care is with positive affirmations.

Using affirmations to love yourself first

Positive affirmations are positive sentences that are repeated either out aloud or in one’s mind. Some people like to write their affirmations or listen to them in the form of an audio. It can be very powerful for people to say them to themselves in the mirror. A great affirmation to have before beginning any type of self-improvement practice is “I am learning to love myself exactly as I am”. Taking on this affirmation can be extremely powerful and can mean that those using it will be less likely to make decisions out of fear.

They will choose exercise that they enjoy because they love their body, not because they hate it. Changing one’s mindset in this gentle way is often enough on its own to improve someone’s health so they can live a long and happy life.

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Important things to understand about NDIS Occupational Therapy

Important things to understand about NDIS Occupational Therapy

NDIS Occupational Therapy (OT) is an allied health therapy that can help people achieve their goals and become more independent by assisting them to participate in everyday activities and engage with their community. They do this by adjusting and customising the person’s environment or occupation to better guide their engagement.

What is an occupation?

In NDIS OT terms, an occupation is what we do in our roles in life that forms our identity and gives meaning to our lives. It is a subjective experience that usually includes a variety of activities such as education, work/employment, social, leisure and daily living tasks.

This aims to develop one’s strengths, so that they can attain their personal and health goals to carry out their lives in a manner of their choosing.

How do OT help people?

OTs can help people with acute or chronic injuries, medical conditions, disabilities, difficulties caused by the degenerative effects of aging, or developmental delay. They also work with people’s families and communities to foster greater independence and engagement in life, so that they can live their lives as they wish.

They work with people of all ages, acute medical conditions or injuries, people with mental health conditions, people needing rehabilitation or injury management and/or prevention.

What medical conditions can NDIS OT help with?

They can help people with a wide variety of medical conditions and injuries including:

  • Any physical injury or trauma
  • Amputations
  • Heart attack or stroke sufferers
  • Mental health conditions
  • People with emotional difficulties
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Head injuries
  • Burn victims
  • Developmental delays or disorders (e.g. autism)

What specific difficulties can OTs help with?

They work with people to identify and help fulfil their personal and health goals. This can include:

  • Implementing sensory modalities to help improve performance with daily living tasks, emotional and self-regulation
  • Developing activities of daily living skills (e.g. eating, dressing, toileting)
  • Developing instrumental activities of daily living skills (e.g. money management, meal preparation, shopping)
  • Making changes to one’s environment to improve how they interact with their environment (e.g. home or vehicle modifications)
  • Enhancing interpersonal and social skills
  • Improving gross and fine motor skills

Can you use the NDIS to receive OT?

OT comes under the “improved daily living” or “capacity building” support category. If you have funding for this category, you can utilise it to receive OT to help you achieve your goals.

What to do next if you have funding for NDIS OT?

NDIS participants choose a service provider that they want to work with. Your NDIS coordinator or Plan Manager can help you find providers, or you can look for providers yourself (e.g. online search engines or consulting the NDIS provider guide).

Examples of common goals by participants:

  • Wanting to improve handwriting and hand-eye coordination.
  • Wanting NDIS Occupational Therapy to help you child improve showering, toileting, dressing and general personal hygiene.
  • Returning to driving on the road after a stroke.
  • Using NDIS Occupational Therapy to prepare for finding a job.
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