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Why you may need occupational therapy for your children

There are several reasons why you may need occupational therapy (NDIS) for your children. Kids can experience difficulty in completing everyday tasks for a number of reasons.

These can range from a wide variety of physical disabilities, psychological or mental illnesses, emotional instability, to issues caused from delay in development, or intellectual disabilities.

What is occupational therapy for children? The aim of this school of health science is essentially to enable kids to be able to participate in regular activities in day-to-day life. This is achieved through the use of activities to aid the recovery process of physical or mental illnesses.

Some of the issues which occupational therapy for children can help with include:

  • Daily self-care. This can include teeth brushing, getting dressed, and eating food.
  • Assistance with hand-eye coordination. This can include writing down notes in a workbook or drawing.
  • Fine motor skills. These include using classroom stationery such as a pencil or scissors.
  • Gross motor skills. These include exercise to improve core and ultimate improve posture.
  • Planning or organization skills. These can include helping a kid organize his folder or plan a trip to his next classroom.

Here are several reasons why you may need occupational therapy for your children.

Behavioural disorder

Does your kid have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder or other related behavioural disorders? In this case, occupational therapy for your children is often an effective way to improve their situation.

Often kids may have difficulty maintaining orderly behaviour. This may manifest in kids lashing out or hitting other kids if they are angry, for example.

One way in which occupational therapy for your children may help in this scenario is by teaching your kid positive behaviours such as writing about angry feelings in a notebook or redirecting the feelings towards physical activities.

Sensory processing disorder

Is your kid highly sensitive to loud noises and bright lights, or specific tastes and smells? Does your kid over react to the sensation of touch? Occupational therapy for your children may be the answer.

This is because your kid may have sensory processing disorder, a disorder characterized by difficulty in interacting with sensory information resulting in dysfunctional behavioural responses.

This disorder may cause issues as kids will avoid specific situations, experiences, places, and even food. The presence of this disorder often coincides with other psychological disorders, including but not limited to ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Occupational therapy for these children is one of the most effective ways of treating sensory processing disorder. During the process, trained professionals will expose your kid to what is known as a ‘sensory gym’, an environment equipped rich with sensory stimuli that is designed to slowly nurture your kid to exhibit appropriate behavioural responses.

Occupational therapy for children ensures that these stimuli are presented in a safe, fun ways to enable your kid to respond to sensations appropriately. The aim is for these responses to carry over to home and school situations with practise.

Evaluating the need for specialized equipment

Occupational therapy for your children may be important to determine if your kid needs the assistance of special equipment in order to function normally.

In certain situations, these health professionals will provide an assessment of a kid’s performance skills in specific activities and provide a subsequent recommendation of the type of equipment they may need.

Help for your children may manifest in the provision of wheelchairs, communication aids, bathing equipment and more. In these scenarios, this may be the first step in providing for a normal life for them.

The importance of occupational therapy for children

Often physical or mental disabilities can disrupt the normal functioning and development of a kid, resulting in a life of difficulty not only for the kid in subject but their family.

Hence, it is important that proper treatment and occupational therapy is provided for these children, as this will enable them to build confidence, self-esteem and the proper abilities to live a happy life.

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