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Coconut Oil

The many benefits and uses of coconut oil

There are many trends that come and go these days, but one that looks like it is going to stay is the use of coconut oil. While some believe that it is not ideal to use for cooking, many believe that it is a healthy alternative to cooking with canola or other unhealthy vegetable options which are now known to be carcinogenic.

But what many health enthusiasts may not know is that coconut oil has many other therapeutic purposes aside from using to it to cook with. What is even more amazing than its versatility is that it is relatively well priced and easily accessible for the day to day person. So, without further ado, here are some further uses for coconut oil.

Oil-pulling – many people around the world use coconut oil by swishing it around inside of their mouths for 20 minutes a day. The idea behind this is that it gently detoxes the body and removes unnecessary bacteria from the mouth.

Hair treatment – Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on hair treatments that are filled with parabens and other nasties, coconut oil can be used instead to treat split ends and even reduce the severity of dandruff. Many like to coat their hair and leave it in overnight at least once a week and find that their hair smells amazing afterward as well.

Shaving cream – Once again, instead of buying yet another beauty product filled with nasties, coconut oil can be used to replace shaving cream. Furthermore, it nourishes and hydrates the skin when applying and users can feel safe knowing that it is free from chemicals. Many people like to keep a separate jar in their bathrooms purely for beauty purposes.

Add it to a morning smoothie – Many believe that this healing product is great for balancing hormones, reducing inflammation in the body, and acting as an anti-viral. Because of this, many will simply pop a teaspoon into their morning smoothie or coffee. This is such a simple way to add good fats into a diet and to ensure that the body is getting what it needs first thing in the morning.

In addition to the aforementioned uses, there are plenty of other ways to include this amazing superfood into daily life such as using to make homemade toothpaste or deodorant. With so many different benefits, there is no reason why to not give coconut oil a try.


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