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The benefits of smiling

While many would agree that getting greeted with a smile can induce a warm fuzzy feeling, some don’t know that the act of smiling is actually known to improve mood. The great news is that it doesn’t even have to be genuine.

Studies have shown that just sitting and smiling for a few minutes a day can increase productivity, lower stress levels, improve mood, lower heart-rate, boost the immune system, and even reduce pain. When smiling at another person it can help elicit trust, increase attractiveness to the other person, and can make the other person smile too.

Best of all, this is a health practice that is free! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive supplements and beauty serums, one could aim to put aside five minutes in the morning to simply sit and smile. Or, reminders could be set to go off throughout the day, reminding you to SMILE!

People have claimed that this method has improved their workday, improved their relationships, and improved their well-being overall. With more and more research focusing on the amazing health benefits of smiling, why not give it a go?

It may help you live longer

One study in America looked at an old photo of baseball players and took notice of their smiles. It was found that the ones who had the biggest grins had lived about 7 years longer than the ones that had no smile at all. Those will a half grin lived 2 years longer on average than the non-smilers. So, it is very possible that forcing a grin or two throughout the day may be able to help you live longer. It is now known that moving the muscles in the face in a way that even resembles a smile will release endorphins (which are feel good hormones) and can even increase blood flow.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter who you come across anywhere in the world, everybody will respond to a big grin. It will help you come across as more approachable and it is likely that you will make more friends because of it.

Some great ways to practice are by smiling in the mirror, leaving sticky notes around your home as a reminder, or by having your favourite picture in your wallet. As life can sometimes can hard and short, why not make the most of it by smiling as regularly as possible? Are you smiling yet?

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